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A bout us

LOTO is an aquatic plant originated in Africa, Asia and Indian Ocean, from which grows a delicate and pretty flower with rosy leaves and yellow petals. It is from this lovely and delicate plant our company takes its name and from which we copy all the sense of decoration and beauty at the service of your home.

HERNANDEZ LOTO, S.L., is a company dedicated to the production of auxiliary and bathroom furniture for your home for more than 50 years, being nowadays one of the most veterans in the industry.

The gained experience and the recent technology implemented in our plant allow us to offer an efficient and fast service, both inside and outside Spain.


HERNANDEZ LOTO, S.L., provides its products with the most practical flexibility and distribution for best capacity utilisation in the layout of tools and goods, saving space for other usage in each room and in each place.

You can check the many advantages that we present to you with our products and give the relevant importance that it has to the creation of further free space at home or at work as a result.


Hernández Loto S.L.
c/ Altos de la Condomina, 12 - Apdo. de correos 25
03400 Villena - Alicante (Spain)
Tel. 0034/ 96 580 18 91 - Fax 0034/ 96 580 19 51

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